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Amazing Sunset Tours This Summer

Amazing Sunset Tours This Summer

Weather. It has been a strange year for weather here in Lake Tahoe, which has made for some amazing sunset tours.  This winter we had incredibly low snowfall.  This summer has been just the opposite, with rainfall amounts topping 200% of average.  The rain has been sorely needed.  It rained so much in May that the level of the lake rose back up to the natural rim.  Plants are looking great and green, with the consistent weekly watering they have been getting from mother nature.  With the rain comes clouds, which have been making for incredible sunset tours.  We’ve had amazing sunsets almost every night this summer.  Our fabulous guide Lisa took these photos last night.  Check out the progression of the sunset and the full moon rising over the East Shore.

Sunset is a special time to be out on the water, and our sunset tour is a great opportunity to do so.  Advanced booking is required, either here online, or by calling us at 530-581-4336.  Our tour launches about two hours prior to dusk. This summer, our sunset tours are launching from our floating dock in the Tahoe City Marina.  With your guide, your group paddles southwest, past Commons Beach, the outlet to the Truckee River, the Gatekeepers Museum, and the historic Tahoe Tavern pier.  Our guides are well versed in Tahoe lore.  Typical topics covered on the trip included flora, fauna, natural history, and the rich human history of Tahoe.

Another great option is our full moon tour this time of the month.  You get the magic of sunset, doubled down with the beauty of the moonrise.  Come Join us out on the water!


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Full Moon Tour

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