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10am - noon

Learn about Tahoe’s Historic West Shore, while improving your stand up paddleboard (SUP) skills. This beautiful tour will immerse you in the beauty and history of our lake. Paddle past historic West Shore homes and the famous Fanny Bridge. Our knowledgeable guides will entertain you with history, jokes, and teach you valuable techniques to improve your paddling.

This tour is best for clients who have successfully gone paddleboarding at least once before. If you need an introductory class, check out our “Get Up Stand Up” class.

kayaker paddling into the sunset on Lake Tahoe with mountains in the background

Sunset Tour


This tour begins 2 hours before sunset. This is a stunning time of day to see Lake Tahoe as the water reflects the vibrant sunset

Discover Tour

90  mins

This is a 1.5 hour lesson tour hybrid that is designed to introduce people to basic paddle strokes and techniques for becoming comfortable in their kayak.

Emerald Bay Boat Camp Overnight


This tour includes a nature paddle in the Upper Truckee River, a hike on Fannette Island, a tour of Vikingsholm, stories and music by the campfire

Get Up Stand Up

8:30 am - 9:30  am

This one-hour paddle is an affordable way to learn proper technique for stand-up paddle boarding, and a great way to enjoy the lake’s smoothest water

History & Nature Tour

9:30 am - noon

Enjoy this family-friendly nature paddle while hearing tales of the Wild West from Tahoe’s past. This scenic wonder is just a short paddle from our rental beach

Illuminated Full Moon Tour


This tour starts an hour before sunset, and paddlers get to catch the sunset and the spectacular moon rise over the lake

4th of July Fireworks Tour

Show Length

We give every guest a headlamp and a glow stick and then group the kayaks together and enjoy the best seats in the house for the Fireworks display

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