Start Summer 2024 with a Sunset Kayak Tour Everynight

Tahoe City

Store Policies


The prices quoted for all of the tours do not include customer transportation to the tour starting point.

Tour Booking Procedure

  • Tours can also be booked with VISA/MC/AMEX directly over the phone at (530) 581-4336 or on-line.
  • Please list your phone number if purchasing with Paypal so we can contact you with any changes that may arise with your tour.
  • We can usually book any of our tours for you with 48 hours notice (depending on availability).
  • We offer kayak tours from May through September 30th. (We’ll operate into October if weather cooperates.)
  • Private tours are possible if you pay the equivalent cost of 6 guests or more.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancelling more than 24 before your reservation is completely fine, we will provide a full refund.
  • Cancelling within 24 hours of your reservation means you will be financially held to your reservation.