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Demo Fleet

We believe that paddling a new boat or SUP is a crucial step in the purchasing process. As such, we offer demos of all of our retail kayaks and paddleboards. Furthermore, we credit up to two days of rentals toward the cost of a new boat. To reserve one of our demo boats, call the shop at (530) 581-4336. Keep in mind that we only have one of each model. **Due to Covid-19, we have limited availability of our demo fleet. Please call ahead.**

Mirage Series Demo Rentals


crew| Single capacity | 400lbs length |12′ /3.66m

Set your course with the new Hobie Mirage Compass, the newest addition to Hobie’s fleet of award-winning fishing kayaks. Simplicity defined, its time-tested MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology moves you easily through the water. Outfitted with a breathable mesh seat, the Compass offers maximum stability and an oversized cockpit and flat deck for standing.





crew | Single capacity | 225lbs length | 9′ 7″ / 2.92 m

Perfect for pocket water, the cheerful Sport is still plenty of kayak, accommodating users of most heights. It offers every one of Hobie’s signal features, including one-of-a-kind Mirage pedal propulsion, the incredibly adjustable Vantage CT seat, and like all Hobie kayaks rotomolded from durable polyethylene, dual rod holders. This small kayak has a big heart that equally loves pleasure cruising and teasing bass in the sticks.





crew | Single capacity | 400lbs length | 12′ 1″ / 3.68 m

Built around the comfortable Vantage CT seat, the Outback is so stable you might be tempted to stand when you cast. Studded with thoughtful features such as molded-in rod holders, generous below deck storage options, and the smooth Twist and Stow rudder, the versatile Outback is ready for your outdoor adventure.


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model|Revolution 11

crew | Single capacity | 275lbs length | 11′ 6″ / 3.51 m

Ideal for small-to- midsize kayakers, or bigger kayakers out for an unencumbered cruise, the Revolution 11 allows you to adroitly stalk fish and confidently explore reefs. With generous below deck stowage, smart rigging on top (what’s a kayak trip without a cold drink right at hand?), and optional sailing kit, the Revolution 11 is ready to roam.


Hobie Kayak Sales

model|Revolution 13

crew | Single capacity | 350lbs length | 13’5″ / 4.09 m

It is catchy too, with dual rod holders and plentiful tackle storage. If you crave a change of pace from hands-free MirageDrive motivation and pick up the paddle, the “Revo 13” still makes tracks. If this is a floating SUV, it’s one that loves a twisty, challenging track. The lightweight, rotomolded hull sings when under optional sail kit power.


Hobie Kayak Dealer


crew | Tandem capacity | 425lbs length | 12’8″ / 3.86 m

The design brief was simple: create an easy-to-use, performance-minded, rotomolded polyethylene kayak that provides years of reliable service. Built-in drink holders and utility trays, dual helms and MirageDrives—plus a mast step for the optional Sail kit—give the Outfitter serious legs, and the boat’s wide beam, relative to its tidy length, delivers a stable, stowable and comfortable platform.


oasis hobie kayak sales


crew | Tandem capacity | 550lbs length | 14’6″ / 4.42 m

Three enclosed stowage areas, large Twist and Stow rudder, a generous on-deck cargo area that’s ready for an optional Hobie Livewell—plus molded rod holders—provide maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing adventures big and small. Whether it’s a long weekend of float casting with friends or camping with the family, the Oasis gets the job done in style and comfort.


Paddle Series




crew| Single capacity| 250 lbs length| 11′ 1″/3.38 m

A clever, rotomolded polyethylene hull maximizes stability while minimizing drag, and the boat’s clean deck layout emphasizes paddling bliss while stripping all unnecessary clutter. The Lanai’s 9-foot bow-to-stern length is ideal for shorter paddlers but it also accommodates taller kayakers thanks to its molded foot braces. And at only 46 pounds, the Lanai is easy to car-top, trailer or even walk to the beach.


quest11 Hobie Kayak sale

model|Quest 11

crew | Single capacity | 300lbs length | 11′ 1″ / 3.38 m

A rotomolded polyethylene hull, adjustable foot braces and a super-comfy seat ensure a comfortable ride, while the boat’s tidy geometry emphasizes efficient hydrodynamics. The Quest 11’s angler-friendly pedigree includes covered bow stowage, molded rod holders and a generous stern cargo area that allows you to haul everything from optional tackle and crate systems to a Hobie Livewell.


Hobie Kayak Retail

model|Quest 13

crew | Single capacity | 350lbs length | 13′ / 3.96 m

The rotomolded polyethylene hull features generous belowdeck stowage, ample space for tackle boxes or tents, plus molded rod holders for trolling. A large, Bungee-secured stern cargo area accommodates everything from optional tackle to a Hobie Livewell, and an optional Twist and Stow rudder with foot steering control keeps the bow pointed in the right direction.


hobie kayak dealer


crew | Tandem capacity | 425lbs length | 11′ 6″ / 3.51 m

The Hobie Kona is a round peg that fits many different holes: in two-person configuration, it provides a stable ride and snappy, spin-in-a-second performance; when paddling alone, the boat’s molded center seat keeps the boat sitting on her lines. The Kona’s rotomolded polyethylene hull couples a wide beam with a relatively short waterline, delivering the responsive, stable performance usually found on longer boats. Carrying handles and on-hull paddle storage simplify portaging, and the deluxe, adjustable padded seats support your back and encourage longer excursions.


hobie odyssey retail sales


crew | Tandem capacity | 550lbs length | 14′ / 4.27 m

While the Odyssey carries a trim width relative to its sleek, 14-foot waterline, its cleverly designed rotomolded polyethylene hull provides ample form stability for casting, catching or getting a novice out on the water. Its impressive payload and smart deck configuration provide plenty of space for crew members and equipment, and the center seat ensures proper balance for solo outings.


Island Series

 hobie retailer

model|Adventure Island

crew | Single capacity | 400lbs length | 16′ / 5.05 m

Ride the wind: A roller-furling, vertically battened mainsail provides lift, a retractable centerboard prevents lateral slip, and the larger amas tuck parallel against the rotomolded polyethylene hull for docking. Multiple hatches, on-deck stowage and Vantage CT Seating encourage multi-day adventures, and the MirageDrive with Glide Technology offers paddle-free locomotion when the wind scatters, making it easy to get home. The “AI” is an exceptional bluewater-capable fishing platform. Equip the accessory trampoline kit for walk-around stability. Flexible too; use it with just a single ama or leave the sail at home to pedal or paddle.





tandemisland hobie kayak for sale

model|Tandem Island

crew | Tandem capacity | 600lbs length | 18′ 6″ / 5.64 m

The Tandem Island’s two-piece carbon composite rig minimizes weight aloft—thus stiffening the ride—and both cockpits are fitted with steerage and sail-handling controls, allowing sailors of all abilities to share the experience. Best yet, the Tandem Island is equipped with enough hatches and on-deck stowage for multi-day escapes. This is Hobie’s ultimate blue water hunter, capable of marlin-teasing trolling speeds.




Inflatable Series

I9S inflatable kayak

model|Mirage i9S

crew | Single capacity | 325lbs length | 9′ / 2.74 m

The i9S’ on-the-water performance rivals that of rigid boats, and its rugged, PVC-vinyl construction and reinforced underside eliminate fears of rocky beaches. A wheeled travel case makes transporting a snap and enables stowage on an RV, car or yacht.




model|Mirage i11S

crew | Tandem capacity | 550lbs length |11’3″

Elegant simplicity: This low-profile performer with a rigid inflatable drop stitch hull is the lightest weight hands-free inflatable kayak in the Hobie fleet.

Ideal for quick trips after work, or jetting to another continent (while escaping most airline oversize baggage fees). Throw a optional H-Crate in the back, grab a fishing rod and enjoy kayak fishing. It packs plenty of stability into its low profile design. Plus a fin is provided, to assist when tracking is needed.

Yet fully featured, with Hobie’s supremely adjustable Vantage CTi Seating System and the fingertip control of the Twist and Stow Rudder.


model|Mirage i12S

crew | Tandem capacity | 500lbs length | 12′

All the cruising capability and space of a full-sized kayak, yet infinitely portable.

The 12-ft. long Mirage i12s inflatable kayak offers speed without sacrificing stability, above- deck Bungee-secured storage area provide generous hauling capacity—perfect for weekend escapes or provisioning trips ashore from the family cruiser. The i12s’ MirageDrive delivers all-day comfort and performance.




i14S hobie kayak retailer

model|Mirage i14T

crew | Tandem capacity | 550lbs length | 14′

Two MirageDrives simplify locomotion, and an optional Sail kit enables you to enjoy everything from a sunrise paddle to an all-day, multi-sport adventure. The i14T’s wheeled storage bag and its pump make hauling, storing and inflating the boat a snap. Its rugged, PVC-vinyl build and rubberized underside—coupled with its easy-to-grip carrying handles—facilitate smooth launching, landing and portaging.





Recreational Series


crew | Single capacity | 360 lbs length |14′

As the name suggests, this kayak strikes a perfect balance between two worlds.The Equinox brings together the comfort and stability of recreational kayaks and the performance of a true sea kayak. The efficient V hull and hard chines provide stability and glide in one package. The kayak tracks well and performs leaned turns with ease. The ample cockpit is equipped with thigh braces that give excellent control even to the smaller sized paddler.


eddyline sales tahoe

model|Sky 10

crew | Single capacity | 250lbs length | 10′

The Sky 10 kayak came into existence due to the popularity of our well liked Skylark and the ever increasing demand for smaller, lighter boats. This kayak carries most of the paddling qualities and features of its 12 foot sister but sports a good 8 lbs less weight, making car-topping and general handling that much easier. The Sky 10 has more than adequate hull speed and efficiency for keeping up with groups on casual cruises and plenty of capacity for the average paddler.


Eddyline Kayak Sales


crew | Single capacity | 295lbs length | 12′

The Skylark fits into a new category of kayak considered transitional or cross over. While essentially a recreational kayak in size and fit, the Skylark has been endowed with much more consideration to the features and performance found in a full-fledged sea kayak. We gave it abundant stability and a roomy fit to make the entry-level paddler comfortable, yet the efficiency to keep up with longer boats on an easy cruise. At the same time we want the more experienced paddler to have fun, so we added hard chines for carving and Greenland styling for looks. This kayak is attractive to beginners and one that they can grow in, yet also provides a lightweight and fun alternative to the more experienced paddler.


Retailer Eddyline Kayaks


crew | Single capacity | 350lbs length | 12′

Anyone can paddle this boat! The large cockpit makes getting in or out of this very stable recreational kayak a breeze, even from a dock or boat deck. Take along your kid, your dog, your camera, the groceries, oh – and don´t forget the fishing rod. It´s stable enough to land a big one. The Sandpiper is easy to maneuver in those backwaters while bird watching and small enough to fit on your yacht. It is so easy to paddle you just might want two.



crew | Single capacity |270 lbs length |11’9″

A perfect medium between performance and comfort, the Rio is the ideal boat for those seeking the best of both worlds. The boat easily holds its own against touring boats while also offering a small frame for easy storage and transport. The kayak manages to fit all of the features of a long boat – fusion bulkheads, deck lines, molded thigh braces, and carry handles – into a beautiful, compact 35 pound package.






Sit On Tops

model|Tarpon 100

crew | Single capacity | 325 lbs length |10′

This short little boat is a wonderful choice for those looking for something compact, maneuverable, and safe. The seat ensures that you will be comfortable during your paddle, no matter the place or duration of your excursion. The open deck of the Tarpon allows for easy entrance from the water as well as self draining scupper holes, letting you play without worry.




model|Tarpon 120

crew | Single capacity | 350 lbs length |12’3″

If the Tarpon line of kayaks were a family, the Tarpon 120 would be the big brother to the Tarpon 100. Coming in at 2 feet longer and slightly narrower, this kayak is a touch speedier and a hair less stable. This kayak is ideal for those with a need for speed and distance.



Sit Insides

model|Pungo 100

crew | Single capacity | 300 lbs length | 10′

For those looking for all the benefits of a Tarpon 100 but in a sit inside model, the Pungo 100 may be the right choice. Small and compact, the Pungo is storage and transport friendly.



model|Pungo 120

crew | Single capacity | 325 lbs length |12′

This boat just happens to be the best selling Pungo. This is due to the fact that this kayak offers great speed, storage space, manageability, and comfort. The Pungo 120 is, to put it simply, a great all around boat.





model|Tsunami 125

crew | Single capacity | 300 lbs length | 12’6″

The Tsunami 125 features an extra half foot of length than the Tsunami 120. This growth lends itself to a faster vessel. As before, someone paddling this kayak should be able to safely and effectively rescue themselves in the case of a flip.







model|Pamlico 135T

crew | Tandem capacity | 500 lbs length | 13’6″

The Pamlico 135 T happens to be our only tandem sit inside kayak. For those teams that favor sit insides, this is the ideal boat for you. As an added bonus, the Pamlico 135T can be configured to turn into a single person kayak.








        model|Tribe 9.5

crew | Single capacity | 300 lbs length | 9’5″

The Perception Tribe series of sit-on-top kayaks are defined by their ultra-stable, yet quick and playful performance.

The Tribe 9.5 kayak’s versatile 9-foot-6 design makes it a top choice for beginner to intermediate paddlers. The entire family will appreciate how easy it is to get on and off this stable sit-on-top. The shorter length and lighter weight eases transport and increases maneuverability as you explore flat-water rivers, lakes, ponds, and coastal waters with light waves. Ample storage and a roomy seat that’s extra-padded and adjustable will keep you out there all day long.


       model|Tribe 11.5

crew | Single capacity | 350 lbs length | 11′ 5″

The Tribe 11.5 kayak’s versatile 11-foot-6 design makes it a top choice for beginner to intermediate paddlers. The entire family will appreciate how easy it is to get on and off this stable sit-on-top. The larger size maintains the maneuverability of its smaller sibling while adding speed, storage, and stability. Featuring an extra-padded and adjustable seat, the Tribe is ready for full days exploring flat-water rivers, lakes, ponds, and coastal waters with light waves.


        model|Tribe 13.5

crew | Single capacity | 500 lbs length | 13′ 5″

The Tribe 13.5T tandem kayak’s versatile 13-foot-6 design makes it a top choice for beginners to intermediates. The entire family will appreciate how easy it is to get on and off this stable sit-on-top and the added jump seat provides the perfect perch for a child or dog. The large, two-person design maintains the maneuverability of its smaller siblings, while adding stability. Factor in the ample storage and extra-padded adjustable seats and the Tribe is ready for full days exploring flat-water rivers, lakes, ponds, and coastal waters with light waves.




model|Hobie Eclipse 10.5

crew Single capacity | 225lbs length | 10’6″ width | 33.5″

A new addition this year, the Hobie Eclipse the first paddleboard with the infamous Mirage Drive System. Rather than using a traditional paddle to get around, the Eclipse is powered by a motion similar to a stair master. Not only does this create a whole new type of workout, it also moves the board about twice as fast as a traditional SUP.




model|Hobie Eclipse 12

crew | Single capacity | 275 lbs length | 12′ width | 35″

Coming in at 12′, this board serves as the longer, faster version of the 10′ Eclipse. Because this board is also wider, it does have an increase in stability.





model|Hobie Tour 12’6″

crew | Single volume | 298 L length | 12’6″ width | 32″

This Hobie inflatable paddleboard is ideal for the paddler looking to travel with their SUP. The board can be deflated to fit into a backpack with its fin and paddle, all of which are included in the price. The board can be inflated to 15 psi in mere minutes with the included pump.










crew | Single  capacity | 260 lbs length | 12’6″ width | 30″

The Zephyr is a beautiful board, featuring a long deck and a protruding handle for transport. A change from last year, Tahoe SUP has modified the interior of this board to make it stronger, lighter and faster.










crew | Single capacity | 220 lbs length | 11’6″ width | 29″

The Bliss serves as the sister SUP to the Zephyr. A little smaller and a little lighter, the Bliss is ideal for the paddler who yearns for a light, compact, high performance board. Like the Zephyr, the Bliss is stronger, lighter, and faster than its predecessors.



















crew | Single capacity | 280 lbs length | 11′ width | 30″

The Paddlecraft boasts features from both beginner and high performance boards. The board is durable and stable, yet also has great speed and tracking. In addition, the board has a high capacity, meaning that it is perfect to load up for longer trips.









crew | Single capacity | 400 lbs length | 14′ width | 31″

If it’s adventure you seek, the TALLAC will take you there and back. The TALLAC is designed with increased volume for a capacity that will accommodate gear for multi day expeditions or just you and two of your favorite Golden Retrievers out for a leisurely paddle. The recessed standing area maintains amazing stability even at maximum load, while the race worthy hull shape pays you back with a stealthy glide for every stroke you take.











model|Alpine 11′

crew | Single capacity | 260 lbs length | 11′ width | 30″

This inflatable board can deflate to fit into a bag, lending itself to the paddler looking to travel with their SUP. Furthermore, the board can be inflated to 20 psi, making a firm board that rivals a fiberglass SUP.











model|Alpine 12′

crew | Single capacity | 280 lbs length | 12′ width | 31″

This model is the longer version of the Alpine 12′. While it does still fit into a simple bag, this board has an added foot of length that will increase the tracking and speed of the SUP.

















model|Carbon Playa

crew | Single capacity | 350 lbs length | 10‘7″ width | 30″


The Hala Playa is a SUP ocean surfers dream. A high-performance surfboard with Carbon Construction™ that rolls up and travels with you. The Playa is packed full of surprises. It allows you to catch a wave while it’s still just an idea and ride it all the way into the beach.

You can to paddle out to that island on the horizon and shred its secluded break, or simply pack a lunch and set out for the day with no plans, knowing the adventure is coming your way. The dynamic Hala Playa is a fun and versatile ocean surfer to shred and tour on.









crew | Single capacity | 250 lbs length | 12width | 32”

Hala Nass… Say it fast and you’ll get the picture! If speed is what you are looking for, then the Rival Nass is the board for you. The Rival Nass offers the touring shape of the Carbon Nass in an affordable, lightweight, Straight-to-Water package. Featuring a streamlined profile and glide rocker, the Rival Nass ensures the potency of each paddle stroke – making this board perfect for fighting headwinds on a lake or for punching through tidal currents. Go for distance, go for speed, with the Rival Nass!










model|Carbon Nass

crew | Single capacity | 275 lbs length | 12‘6″ width | 30

Zoom across a secluded alpine lake or hop a flight and tour down a jungle river. Whatever you choose, rig up and set out on this glide rocker with speed and style.

Our swift 2017 Carbon Nass 12’6 is made with patented Carbon Construction™ to present a rigidity and stiffness unlike ever before while still offering the same freedom of portability. With the Carbon Nass 12’6 below your feet, you can experience the unimagined at the zip of a bag.