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Check us out on Tahoe TV

Check us out on Tahoe TV

Lake Tahoe Television (Tahoe TV), an affiliate of Outside TV, interviewed us a couple weeks ago.  We headed over to their studio here in the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City for a little presentation. During the interview we talked about the foldable Oru Kayak, the Hobie Mirage Drive foot pedal propulsion system, paddles, and our new retail location, Zephyr Cove Adventures, which is located in Round Hill Village, in Zephyr Cove, Nevada.

Oru is a cool new product that is made locally, in San Francisco.  The boat folds into itself to create a box for easy storage and transport, while still paddling like a traditional sit inside hard shell boat.  With hard chines, an Oru kayak paddles and tracks significantly better than an inflatable kayak, yet offers similar pack-ability. Oru got its start on Kickstarter and Shark Tank.

Hobie’s Mirage Drive has been around for years, but is still worth talking about because it is so efficient and fun.  It is about twice as fast as paddling and frees your hands for fishing, photography, or just eating a sandwich. You are propelled by peddling with your feet, similar to a bicycle, which causes flippers underneath your Hobie to move back and forth.  This motion is similar to a penguin’s wings underwater, the inspiration for the Mirage Drive System.

We would like to give a big thank you to the crew at Tahoe TV for this opportunity. The interview is airing on Saturdays locally on Tahoe TV and you can watch the clip right here.

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