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Paddleboard Demo Fleet

We believe that paddling a new boat is a crucial step in the purchasing process. As such, we offer demos of all of our retail paddleboards. Furthermore, we credit two full days of rentals toward the cost of a new SUP.

All of the boards shown below are available for demo at Tahoe City. To reserve one of our demo boards, call the shop at (530) 581-4336. Keep in mind that we only have one of each model.

**Please note: Due to Covid-19 there is a nation-wide shortage in everything paddle-sports. Please call ahead for our latest selection of Demo boards.


model|Amundson 12’6″

crew | Single volume | 237 L length | 12’6″ width | 29″

This board is wonderful. The lowered deck speaks to stability and the displacement hull promises to slice through any waves you encounter.





model|Amundson 14′

crew | Single volume | 304 L  length | 14′  width | 29.5″

This long board is perfect to satisfy a need for speed. In addition, the high capacity on the board is ideal for those looking to pack on their gear or for our larger paddlers.







model|Hobie Elite Tour

crew | Single volume | 249 L length | 12’6″ width | 28.8″

This board is wonderful for longer trips. The large deck is has a grip designed to keep you on the board. The Elite also features a slight depression in the deck, lowering your center of gravity, and increasing your stability.






model| 14 E Series

crew | Single

The 14′ length on this board is perfect for touring. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this board has been discontinued by Hobie, this is a wonderful SUP. Speedy and gorgeous, you’ll be the envy of everyone you pass.






model|Hobie Eclipse 10.5

crew | Single capacity | 225 lbs length | 10’6″ width | 33.5″

A new addition this year, the Hobie Eclipse the first paddleboard with the infamous Mirage Drive System. Rather than using a traditional paddle to get around, the Eclipse is powered by a motion similar to a stair master. Not only does this create a whole new type of workout, it also moves the board about twice as fast as a traditional SUP.





model|Hobie Eclipse 12

crew | Single capacity | 275 lbs length | 12′ width | 35″

Coming in at 12′, this board serves as the longer, faster version of the 10′ Eclipse. Because this board is also wider, it does have an increase in stability.







model|Hobie Tour 12’6″

crew | Single volume | 298 L length | 12’6″ width | 32″

This Hobie inflatable paddleboard is ideal for the paddler looking to travel with their SUP. The board can be deflated to fit into a backpack with its fin and paddle, all of which are included in the price. The board can be inflated to 15 psi in mere minutes with the included pump.







model|Malibu Tour 11

crew | Single capacity | 250 lbs length | 11’6″ width | 30″

This small board is our best prices all inclusive package. The board comes along with a Pau Hana SUP sleeve and an adjustable paddle. The length on this board allows for nimble turns and easy transportation and storage. Furthermore, the width on the board speaks to stability. The Malibu Tour is a fabulous, well-rounded board.









Pau Hana

model|Minisport 10’10”

crew | Single volume | 225 L length | 10’10” width | 28.5″

The Minisport is our smallest board, coming in at 10’10”. This beauty of a paddleboard is great for mastering quick turns, fitting on top of small cars, or carrying small paddlers.











crew | Single volume | 290 L length | 14′ width | 28.5″

At 14′, the Cadence excels at speed. This Pau Hana board was designed with touring in mind. You’ll zip across the lake in no time with this stylish SUP.






Tahoe SUP


crew | Single volume | 269 L length | 12′ width | 30″

The Rubicon is a revolutionary board. The board is actually 2 pieces of material fused together. This lends itself to a light weight as well as a strong board. The handle that is embedded within the long deck allows for easy transportation.











crew | Single  capacity | 260 lbs length | 12’6″ width | 30″

The Zephyr is a beautiful board, featuring a long deck and a protruding handle for transport. A change from last year, Tahoe SUP has modified the interior of this board to make it stronger, lighter and faster.











crew | Single capacity | 220 lbs length | 11’6″ width | 29″

The Bliss serves as the sister SUP to the Zephyr. A little smaller and a little lighter, the Bliss is ideal for the paddler who yearns for a light, compact, high performance board. Like the Zephyr, the Bliss is stronger, lighter, and faster than its predecessors.











model|Alpine 11′

crew | Single capacity | 260 lbs length | 11′ width | 30″

This inflatable board can deflate to fit into a bag, lending itself to the paddler looking to travel with their SUP. Furthermore, the board can be inflated to 20 psi, making a firm board that rivals a fiberglass SUP.









model|Alpine 12′

crew | Single capacity | 280 lbs length | 12′ width | 31″

This model is the longer version of the Alpine 12′. While it does still fit into a simple bag, this board has an added foot of length that will increase the tracking and speed of the SUP.











crew | Single capacity | 280 lbs length | 11′ width | 30″

The Paddlecraft boasts features from both beginner and high performance boards. The board is durable and stable, yet also has great speed and tracking. In addition, the board has a high capacity, meaning that it is perfect to load up for longer trips.